Tips for coloring with Stampin’ Blends

By | December 4, 2017

Stampin’ Blends markers are my favorite new coloring tool.  Today I’d like to share some of my personal tips for coloring with Stampin’ Blends markers.  For more tips, you can read the article I wrote last week where I share more tips for coloring with Stampin’ Blends.


TIP#1: Color with the light color first, then add the darker shading.

This is my preference and is what works for me.  However, you can start with the darker color first, then add the light.  If you do it this way, only place dark color in the areas you want the shading.  Don’t color the entire image in the dark shade.


TIP #2:  When adding the light color, use “sloppy” coloring, leaving random white areas where you want lighter color.

This makes it easier to get light, medium and dark colors when blending.  I start with the light color, then add my darker color shade, and then come back with the lighter color to blend the two together.  I cover the entire area with my second round of light color ink and this covers up the random white areas left during the first round.  Those white areas will appear lighter.  The areas where two “coats” of light colors are applied will look like a medium shade.


TIP #3:  When blending, work small areas at a time.

You get the best layering and blending results when the ink is WET.  I like to use the bullet tip of the marker for blending and use a circular motion to blend the two colors together along the area where the two colors meet.  Your goal is to have a gradual color change.


TIP #4:  As a very last step, I sometimes like to go back use my dark marker to add some more dark color to some of the shadow areas.

I don’t add much additional dark color, but sometimes doing this defines the shading and makes it stand out even more.


TIP #5:  Allow ample time for the line stamped image to dry before coloring with Stampin’ Blends.

Having some drying time between stamping the image and coloring with Stampin’ Blends prevents any problems with ink smudges or bleeding. If you are in a hurry, you can heat set the stamped image. IMPORTANT NOTE:  Remember to pay attention to the kind of ink you stamp with.  The ink used with Stampin’ Blends must be water-based.  I recommend Memento Ink (132708)

TIP #6:  If you aren’t liking the way the shading looks, WAIT 10 minutes before adjusting.

Why is waiting important??  The alcohol ink the the markers takes a bit of time to saturate and absorb into the paper.  Waiting a few minutes before making any decisions allows the ink time to settle and gives you a true idea of what the end product looks like.  If you really aren’t happy with the result, you can add more ink and continue to blend.


Here’s a video where I demonstrate how to use the Stampin’ Blends.


If you are interested, you can purchase the Stampin’ Blends in my online store.

Well, there you have my tips for coloring with Stampin’ Blends.  I hope that you find this article helpful.  Do you have any tips for using alcohol markers??  Leave them in the comments section.  Thanks!


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