How to Design a Handmade Greeting Card

By | March 26, 2018

Several weeks ago I walked through the process of how to design a handmade greeting card on Facebook live video.  I’d like to re-visit that topic and share some of those same principles here on my blog.

Here’s the final card that I created.

How to Design a Handmade Greeting Card

How to Design a Handmade Greeting Card

  1. For me, the first step in designing any card is to decide “WHY” I’m making it.  This one determination affects each of the other design decisions I make along the way.
  2. Next, I decide on the stamp set and colors I want to use for my card.  In this case, the occasion of my card was determined because I wanted to try the Picture Perfect Birthday stamp set.  I chose my project colors based on the colors of the coordinating designer paper.
  3. My third decision is to come up with a card layout idea.  The layout I used on this card is one of my favorites that I use again and again. (I call these kind my “go-to” layouts.  I can create them without much thought.)
  4. I started by stamping the border images.  On the video, I give you some tips and walk you through my thought process as I created this one.
  5. Next, I turned my attention to stamping the sentiment.  On the video, I talk about the design decisions I made regarding shape.

That’s a brief summary of how to design a handmade greeting card.  Watch the video if you have ever wondered how I design my cards.  I go into detail about the decision process I used for each of the elements.    It takes about 15 minutes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to design a handmade greeting card.  I’d love it if you’d leave a comment and let me know one new thing you learned from this post.  Thanks!


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