Coloring the Heartfelt Blooms Stamp Set

By | January 15, 2018

A couple of the Heartfelt Bloom card samples on page 5 of the Sale-A-Bration catalog are colored.  That gave me the inspiration to try coloring the Heartfelt Blooms stamp set.


I have a confession to make…I have to loosen up and give myself permission to experiment.  I’m a very Type A person and as a result I need to have a “purpose” for most things I do.  That’s very evident when I’m in my stamping studio where I try to have a useful purpose for everything I make.  And, that’s what makes the ideas I’m sharing today different.

I think of them as more of an experiment rather than a finished product.  I tried coloring the Heartfelt Blooms stamp set six different ways and only liked two of the six well enough to make them into cards.


I wasn’t sure which color ink to use when stamping the image, so tried both Basic Gray and Smoky Slate.  I got a better coloring result with the darker Basic Gray ink.  The darker color allowed the details of the stamp to show through the coloring.  The Smoky Slate ink was too light.


Here’s one of the “keepers”

Coloring the Heartfelt Blooms Stamp Set

I colored this image on Shimmery White paper (101910).  I squished the lid of an ink pad to pool the ink and used an AquaPainter (103954) to color my image.


Here’s the other keeper from my experiment coloring the Heartfelt Blooms stamp set.

Coloring the Heartfelt Blooms Stamp Set

The image on this card was colored with Stampin’ Blends, using the darker Basic Gray ink to stamp the image.


Here are my other attempts at coloring the Heartfelt Blooms stamp set:

Coloring the Heartfelt Blooms Stamp Set


Here’s what the “coloring” looked like on the Stampin’ Blends and Watercolor Pencil images before “blending”:

Coloring the Heartfelt Blooms Stamp Set


This is an example of an epic “fail”…the Heartfelt Blooms image doesn’t stamp well on watercolor paper!!

Coloring the Heartfelt Blooms Stamp Set


As you can see, I learned alot by giving myself “permission” to step away from being my typical Type A self and taking some time to “play”.  Maybe you are alot like me.  If so, make sure to take some time to experiment with some of the items in your craft room.  You may be surprised and pleased at the results.  And, at the very least, you will discover some new ways to use (and not to use) products.

I hope you have enjoyed the different examples I’ve shared of coloring the Heartfelt Blooms stamp set.

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2 thoughts on “Coloring the Heartfelt Blooms Stamp Set

  1. Michele Olson

    These were very helpful Deb, thank you. The first time I stamped with the Hearfelt Blooms stamp it did not turn out; it was very blurry. Oh no, I thought, I won’t use this set. Then it occurred to me that I was using inexpensive white card stock to experiment with. I cut a piece of Whisper White and the result was entirely different, it looked like it was supposed to. The correct card stock was the trick.

    1. Deb Hoekstra Post author

      It’s amazing what a difference the right cardstock can make. I’ve also found on this stamp set, the juicy-ness of the ink pad can also make a difference. Ink pads that are on the drier side work better for this particular stamp. If it’s too wet, the details of the stamped image don’t come through.


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