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Tips for designing a handmade greeting card

Monday on my blog I shared some tips for designing a handmade greeting card.   Today I have more cards to share and we’ll use them to look at some more tips for designing a handmade greeting card. I had created a detailed video that walked through the design decisions I made on each of these cards.  Unfortunately, the video seems to have disappeared to who knows where.  (Technology!!!  My least favorite… Read More »

How to Design a Handmade Greeting Card

Several weeks ago I walked through the process of how to design a handmade greeting card on Facebook live video.  I’d like to re-visit that topic and share some of those same principles here on my blog. Here’s the final card that I created. How to Design a Handmade Greeting Card For me, the first step in designing any card is to decide “WHY” I’m making it.  This one determination… Read More »

Easy to Use Card Sketch Layout

Today I’m sharing an easy to use card sketch layout and I’m featuring the Lots of Lavender Sale-a-Bration stamp set from Stampin’ Up! If you’ve visited my blog frequently, you know I’m an advocate of using card sketch layouts.  They make the whole process of designing cards so much easier.  Here’s the card sketch layout that can be seen on each of today’s cards. Here’s an interesting fact about today’s easy… Read More »

How to Use Contrast in Handmade Greeting Cards

On Monday, I shared a blog post on how to use contrast in handmade greeting cards. (Click the link to see that post.)  We learned that contrast refers to the idea of opposites and occurs when two elements on a card are different.  The cards we looked at in my last post used COLOR to create contrast. The cards I’m sharing today were cards we made in a recent class.  They use… Read More »

Using Contrast in Designing Handmade Greeting Cards

Today I’d like to explore using contrast in designing handmade greeting cards.   I recently conducted a survey among my newsletter subscribers and their number ONE identified card making struggle was DESIGN.  I think this is a difficult area for most paper crafters.  It’s also an area that takes time to learn and develop your skills. I have been making my own handmade greeting cards for over 20 years.  In… Read More »

Handmade Greeting Card Sketches

We have been learning how handmade greeting card sketches can make the process of designing your own handmade cards go quicker and easier.  I’ve got two final cards to share using a basic card layout sketch.  It’s the same sketch I’ve used for all the other cards I’ve shared in this series.  It should look familiar by now.   Here’s the first card I created.  It has a fall theme. DESIGN… Read More »

How to Use Greeting Card Layout Sketches

Today I’m continuing to show how to use greeting card layout sketches.  Card layout sketches make your card making time easier and more productive.  You save time when you have a plan for your card.  It’s like having a map to your destination.  You know where to go.  I like to think of the card sketch as my recipe and the elements of the card as my ingredients.  The recipe tells… Read More »

Greeting Card Layout Sketch

One area in which many of my Stampin’ Up! newsletter subscribers struggle is card design. Using a greeting card layout sketch is one way to help with this problem.  In my last two blog posts I have been sharing cards I made based on a sketch. (Christmas in July Card Sketch Layout; Handmade Card Sketch Layout for Christmas in July)  I have a NEW sketch for you today. Today, I’ll… Read More »

Handmade Card Sketch Layout for Christmas in July

Welcome to another handmade card sketch layout for Christmas in July post.  Lately, I’ve been sharing holiday cards I’ve created with the Merry Mistletoe stamp set (Wood 143650, Clear 143655) and the handmade card sketch layout for Christmas in July I designed.  Today is the last day I’ll have Christmas cards made with this stamp set to share. Before I share my cards, let’s refresh our memories with the card sketch layout I’m using.… Read More »

Christmas in July Card Sketch Layout

I’m celebrating Christmas in July by sharing some cards I made with the Merry Mistletoe stamp set.  These cards all follow the same Christmas in July Card Sketch Layout.  Here it is. A WORD ABOUT CARD LAYOUT SKETCHES Card sketches are also known as card layouts, card patterns, card templates and card maps.  The basic principle of card sketches is simple, provide card makers with a design layout for the… Read More »

Creating Focal Points with Multiple Elements in Cardmaking

In today’s blog post, I’d like to continue the discussion of creating focal points with multiple elements in cardmaking.  In my last blog post we looked at two cards that combined several elements to create a focal point.  I have some more cards I’d like to “dissect” today. All cards I’m sharing are made using the Wood Words stamp set (Wood 143925, Clear 143928).   Here’s the first one.  A demonstrator… Read More »

Using Multiple Elements to Create Focal Points on Handmade Cards

Over the last couple months, I’ve shared insight on the importance of focal points in our handmade card making.  These past posts have dealt with using single images or sentiments as the focal point.  In today’s post, I’d like to explore ways of using multiple elements to create focal points on handmade cards. Before we get started with that however, I ran across a blog post on the importance of… Read More »

Ways to Vary the Focal Point when Using Sentiments

I’m sure you will agree…a card focal point is one of the most important elements of card design.  Sometimes, instead of a stamped image, we like to use a sentiment as the focal point.  Let’s learn some ways to vary the focal point when using sentiments in card making. Last week I shared a post with suggestions to vary up the focal point when there aren’t too many creative ways to use a… Read More »

How to Vary the Focal Point in Card Making

When you have a stamp set that doesn’t have many creative options, do you ever wonder how to vary the focal point in card making?  We’ll be focusing on this topic in my blog post today. The cards I’m sharing feature the This Little Piggy stamp set (Wood 143919, Clear 143922).  This is such an adorable stamp set!  Bella and Friends (Wood 141867, Clear 141870) and Pretty Kitty (Wood 141861, Clear 141864)… Read More »

How to use focal points on handmade cards, part 2

I have three Stampin’ Up! catalog “copied”  projects that I’d like to use to continue our discussion on how to use focal points on your handmade cards.  But, before I get started I want to remind you that the Stampin’ Up! catalog is a great source of cardmaking inspiration when you’re stuck for creative ideas!  That’s where I found the ideas for today’s cards. In my last post, I  shared the importance of having a… Read More »