Best Tips on How to Choose New Stamp Sets

By | May 30, 2018

It’s new catalog time.  Here are my best tips on how to choose new stamp sets.

You will soon be able to order products from the NEW 2018-2019 Stampin Up! annual catalog!!  If you are like me, I page through the catalog cover to cover SEVERAL times, drooling over all the new and exciting products.

I never make a wish list the first two times through the catalog.  Here’s why.  My excitement level is running high the first couple times through the pages.  If I made my wish list at this point, I’d have one-half of the entire catalog on that list.  Because much of the catalog is new, my excitement level ramps up each time I see something that catches my eye.  It’s easy for me to listen to my heart and not my head.

But, just like you, I am on a budget.  We ALL have to live within money constraints.  There is only so much to go around.  I want to help you get the best VALUE for the stamp set purchases that you make.

So, here are my best tips on how to choose new stamp sets


Tip #1:  PLAN how you will use the purchase.

Have a reason you are buying the stamp set.  Think about how you will use it.  Maybe you have a wedding coming up in the family and plan to use the stamp set to make invitations.  Or, maybe you make and send lots of birthday cards throughout the year.  It’s always a good idea to know how you plan to use your purchase.  If you have a plan, it doesn’t sit on the shelf un-used!!


Tip #2: Know your STYLE.

We have all done it….purchased a stamp set we thought we’d love, but never used it.  Why does that happen??  Well, one reason could be that the stamp set doesn’t match our “style”.   We all have certain things that appeal to us more than others.  We need to consider this when choosing which stamp sets to purchase.  Don’t buy something just because it’s popular right now.  Buy it because you LOVE it!!

If you are new to stamping, it may take time for you to identify  “your style”.  Expect to make some “not so smart” purchases along the way and rest assured it’s happened to ALL of us!!


Tip #3: Ask yourself, “Is the stamp set VERSATILE?”

Questions to consider when purchasing a stamp set:

  • Can be used for several different occasions?
  • Is there more than one image that can be used for a focal point?
  • Can I use it for more than one stamping technique?
  • Can I get a variety of looks from this stamp set?  (To answer this question, use Pinterest or Google to look for samples.)
  • Are there stamps in the set that I can use to make interesting backgrounds or borders?


Tip #4:  Consider the stamp sets you already own.

This tip may seem a bit odd.  But, quite often I think about how the new set I’m considering will coordinate with stamps that I may already own, giving me more bang for my buck!  Also, how many birthday cake stamp sets does one person need?  Maybe you already own a similar stamp set and your money would be better spent on another set.


There are many questions and considerations when choosing which new stamp set to buy.  I hope that these best tips on how to choose new stamp sets will help you make the most of your stamping dollars!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!!  What helps you make your purchasing decisions?




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