Tips for Making Quick and Easy Christmas Cards, Part 2

By | November 13, 2017

Here’s part two of my tips for making quick and easy Christmas cards.  Last week we talked about the process of planning your card.  This week will be all about how to “mass produce” your stash of holiday cards.


Tips for Making Quick and Easy Christmas Cards


Heres’ a review of last week.

  1. Start early
  2. Make a schedule
  3. Design your card and keep it simple
  4. Create a sample of the card

You can read part one of my tips for making quick and easy Christmas cards here.

Step Three – Create the “parts” of  the card

The fastest way to mass produce cards is to focus on each individual element separately, then assemble once all pieces are made.  Breaking up project tasks like this makes creating a large batch of cards much more manageable.

  • Make a note of all paper sizes that will needed for each element.  Also, set up your work area.  Having all the necessary supplies and equipment out and convenient makes the assembly process go much more quickly. 
  • The first step is to score your card bases.  This is done with a full sheet of 8 1/2” x 11” cardstock. It is usually scored at 4 1/4” on the 8” side of the card stock.  Next, cut the 8 12” x 11” card stock  in half to create two card bases.  Make the cut at 5 1/2” on the 11” side.  Fold the bases along the score line.  Set aside.
  • Next, cut all the elements needed for your project.  This includes all pieces for stamped images, mattes, paper panels, die cut embellishments, ribbon, etc.  If ribbon needs to be tied into bows, do so at this point as well.
  • Stamp first, before assembling.  That way, mistakes made won’t mess up the entire project (ask me how I know this!!).  And, if there is more than one image to stamp, only stamp one image at a time using one color ink at a time. This saves time because you aren’t constantly having to change or clean the stamp.  When done, clean the stamp and move to the next image or color. 
  • Stamp your envelope or inside panel of the card as well!!  (Consider computer generating the inside note, and printing on white paper. For a typical card, four inside notes can be printed per page.  Leave room on the bottom of the inside piece for a short personal note.)
  • Use grid paper to stamp on.  Not only will the grid paper protect your work area, the lines and ruler allow for better image placement.  Also, if elements need to be sponged, do so at this point.
  • Once all the elements are cut, stamped and created, it’s time to assemble the project elements.  Adhere mattes to main pieces, assemble embellishments, punch out what needs to be punched, etc.  Remember to complete all of one item before moving to the next.

Step Four – Assemble the Card

When all the project pieces are ready, assemble the card, starting from the bottom (base) of the design and working up, to the top. Ribbons, rhinestones, buttons, etc. are the last things that should be added.

Congratulations!!  Your Christmas cards are done and ready to send!!!


Well, that’s it.  Hope these tips for making quick and easy Christmas cards are helpful this holiday season!!  I’d love to know if this was beneficial!!  Leave a comment for me and let me know.

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